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Shhh…Need a Quiet Place to Study?


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It’s finals week! One of the weeks where commuters spend most of their time on campus.

If if you are looking for a quiet place to study this week, there are plenty of places on the Pleasantville campus.

Kessel Student Center will be open 24 hours starting May 1st through May 11th. Conference room A, B, C and D will also be available for quiet study sessions.

Let’s not forget Mortola Library. It will also be open 24 hours through finals week. Laptops are also available to borrow for extended hours at the information desk.

Good luck on finals! Enjoy your summer.


Survive the Drive II




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Do you ever drive to campus and hear an alert on your cell phone go off? Do yo check it?

The Commuter Advisory Board hosted Survive the Drive II, on Wednesday April 27th. It took place in Boudreau Lounge.

This informational meeting informed the dangers of individuals driving distracted, impaired or exhausted. Which is a huge tendency for commuter students.

It also had a huge focus around drunk driving. It explained the ways to prevent drunk driving, and how drunk driving affects everyone on the road.

Students were able to get involved by going to the event, as well as be active participants. Survive the Drive provided a hands-on defensive driver course. Many walked out of the informational meeting educated on the dangers of impaired driving, all while enjoying some free food.

Stress Free Zone

It’s about that time where students are starting to pull their hair out for finals season! But that also means vacation is right around the corner too. However, that doesn’t meant the Commuter Advisory Board at Pace University will start slacking.

They are still coming up with new and improved ways to help make commuters’ lives at Pace go easily. In assistance with Christine Bogulaski, Coordinator for Student Development, they teamed up to host Stress Free Zone.

The event took place on April 27th during common hour. It was located in the Kessel Student Center, right at the multipurpose room. Although its focus is for commuters, all students were welcomed.

The event encourages students to take a break from all the end of the semester madness, and do something that’s pleasing to them. It was a place for students to come grab a tasty treat, be creative with their mind, or simply find a new friend.

The Commuter advisory board along with the student development coordinator had a great outcome, and aim to host the event next year too.

stree free zone

Commuter Profile

Jennifer Moran is a junior at Pace University, and a business major. She looks forward to completing her bachelor’s degree within the next year. Moran is a commuter, residing in Westchester County. She drives her Toyota Rav4, to and from the Pleasantville campus.

Moran knows the possible daily hurdles a commuter may face; she says she has seen it all. However, she continues to thrive in her education, as it is her main focus. Moran says she has been stuck in traffic way beyond her control many times, as well as exceeded her tardiness allowances for a few classes. She doesn’t let this stop her. This Second Honors Dean’s List student continues to prove herself academically.

She takes I-827 to campus. This highway is known for its heavy traffic flow in the morning and random delays. “There’s even been hold ups for geese crossing the street,” she said.

Besides the traffic portion of her commute, Moran says she does not spend much time on campus unless she is working on a project at the library. She explained her Intro to Computing course took a toll on her for the Spring 2016 semester. “It’s much easier to do my Microsoft Excel homework on a desktop, so I come here once a week for that,” she said.

On her free time, Moran enjoys reading, drawing, playing soccer and going to the mall. She has a part-time job, so when she is not at school she enjoys treating herself.

The junior says her parents are proud of her and hopes her older sister takes the advantage of a Pace University education sometime soon. “It’s great to have the opportunity for a great education right outside your door, Moran said.

After she graduates she plans to continue working, hopefully in an entry-level position for a sports management position.

Did you know…?

Did you know employees at Pace University can get reimbursed for their commute?

Although Pace student commuters do not currently have a reimbursement plan for the commute, employees at Pace can take advantage of Commuter Reimbursement Accounts (CRA). Such accounts include two different commuter reimbursement options for employees.

Beniversal and eTRAC are currently the only two plans which an be used to put in employees commuter reimbursement claims. Claims have to be submitted within 180 days of the date of service for travel or parking expenses.

Employees can also reap the benefits of tax advantages (tax break) if they take advantage of CRA.

These plans seem to be working employees who take advantage of it, I wonder if it could become the future for commuter students as well?

I asked a few students what would they think about a commuter reimbursement plan like this for students. Many think it would be great to implement and are going to look into how commuter students could obtain the same benefits. Some believe there can be other alternatives to a reimbursement.

“I drive to school and have to pay out of my pocket for the travel, it would be awesome if some reimbursement for gas or mileage was already included in my tuition,” said student, Michelle Cardoso.

Maybe in the future we can see some change in the amount of money commuters spend to even get to campus. Especially with such a big gap between the NYC and Pleasantville/Briarcliff campuses.

NYC to Pleasantville

I talked with student Justin Edwards, who is a student of the Pace NYC campus. He informed me of his commute from NYC, to the Pleasantville campus. Edwards only travels to the Pleasantville campus once a week for a class.

He takes the MTA train from Manhattan to the Pleasantville train station. From the Pleasantville train station, he then takes the shuttle bus to the campus grounds. In total his commute in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Edwards informed he only takes this trip to Pleasantville as he, “had no other choice for the required course.” In the future, Edwards hopes to go back to exclusively taking courses on the NYC campus. “The commute isn’t too bad, but I’d just rather stay in the city,” he said.


Fall 2016

Joseph Lopergolo, or Joey, as many commuters know him as, is the Commuter Assistant (CA) at Pace University. He is a student, who is also your “go to” guy for everything about commuter life. Joey works very closely with commuters to help provide them with what they need to make their semester/s at Pace smooth sailing.

Joey is currently asking all commuters for their input on Fall 2016 events. There is a list he would like commuters to pick their top three from, as well any other event suggestions commuters may have. He may be reached at Joey is also helping to plan for the next Commuter Assistant.

The Commuter Advisory Board is currently seeking to fill Joey’s position as Commuter Assistant, for the Fall 2016 -Spring 2017 academic year. Interested students are urged to apply.

Nifty Lounge Chairs

In addition to napping on campus, the lounge chairs in the Relaxation Room are pretty exclusive. Colleges across America are investing in lounge chairs as they are proven to boost academic performance and have a positive impact on mental health. The most popular chairs come from Metro Nap. The chairs are priced in the few thousands range depending on the model and its features.  However, academic institutions are offered discounts.

At Pace University, the lounge chairs are recliners which have built in massage tools. They also include a SAD lamp, which is a revolutionary device that improves sleeping patterns. Below is a picture of one of the chairs.

FullSizeRender (4)

Some academic institutions are even advancing as far as to providing Nap Pods which are also made by Metro Nap. These are pretty nifty pods and start at about $10,000. Maybe Pace will advance to the Nap Pods in the future as well.


Commuters Can Nap on Campus

Are you a commuter in need for a place to lay your head for a “power nap”? No worries. Pace has you covered!

Students can take advantage of the exclusive Relaxation Room. Relaxation has been proven to be a key factor for good health, especially for students. Which is why so many universities are embracing naps. It is important to get necessary breaks between studying.

As a commuter, it may be difficult to go home and obtain any rest you may need between classes or studying. The availability of the Relaxation Room on campus makes it so much easier for commuters to take a much needed break on campus.

The Relaxation Room at Pace has huge massage chairs which provide the added relaxation you may desire.

The room is limited to one person at a time, for 30 minutes.
All you need to reserve a room is a Pace University ID. You can call 914-773-3710 to reserve the room.

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